When you leave your pet behind you want to know they are enjoying their stay away from home as much as you are. Birchmoor cattery and kennels aims to provide just that! When you leave yourcat in our care we attended to themthrough out the day. We ensure that the have fresh drinking water and clean litter trays all day long.

All cats have access to an outside run, day and night. We provide toys, beds and feeding bowls, though something of their own such as a blanket can help provide that home from home feeling for you cat.

We aim to please all the cats in our care, when it comes to feeding and medical requirement. We provide dry and wet food and fresh water for all the cats, though if you have a special dietary for you pet we ask that you provide this when dropping you pet off.

We are happy to keep your pet from as little as an over night stay, to as long as you need them to be look after. We are also happy to keeps the cats from the same home together, were possible.

Providing a happy environment for you cat is of upmost importance to us.

All cats must be immunised, proof must be provided before their stay. This is to ensure that all the cats in our care are safe.


We aim to provide the best possible care for your dog, day and night.

We will excercise all dogs at least three times a day, they are walked on our own land. We have three acres of woodland surrrounding the kennels.

We take great pleasure in taking care of your pets, from insuring they have fresh water daily to the kind of food they love. We supply both dry and wet food for the dogs, though if your dog has a special diet you should inform us of this at the time of booking.

Dogs from the same family will be kept together or nest to each other and will be walked together. All dogs have access to an outside run during the day.

If your dog is receiving medicication for an ongoing condition then we are happy to carry on the treatment whislt they stay with us.

All Immunissations must be upto date! Proof must be provided!